The symbolic meaning of dragonfly tattoos

They say that these insects announce the rain when they fly low, some say they are infernal beings on Earth and there are also those who say they bring good luck. Actually many things are said about the dragonflies, but the truth is that they are insects that attract a lot of attention and that is why they are very popular in tattoos.

The dragonflies are characterized by their peculiar shape and delicacy. These flying insects, with long and thin wings, symbolize good luck, so many people make tattoo designs of them to wear as an amulet.

The designs are usually very colorful and eye-catching, as the dragonflies are very decorative and almost always look great, no matter where on the body the tattoo is.

Although, obviously, they are real beings, they have a complex association with the fantasy, magical and tenebrous, something that might allow us to compare them with owls and owls. Generally, dragonflies are usually related to fairies and many claim that they are a mixture between a butterfly and a fairy. They are also a tattoo very associated with the feminine, although many men tattoo them in the same way.